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Last year, attackers launched extensive spear-phishing campaigns against organizations increasing the number of incidents by 55% to more than 1,300.

These attacks targeted a wide range of different industries and featured emails containing malicious URL links with multiple redirects.


Email is the number one threat vector for targeted attacks

5 out of 6

enterprises targeted by spear phishing

1 in 220

emails are a malware attack


of all email worldwide is spam


of spear phishing attacks use Office documents

An estimated 90% or more of all emails today contain active URLs.

Email security should be more than just stopping spam

Prevent Threats

Detect and block targeted attacks, malware, and phishing from entering your environment

Control Data

Identify and control the spread of confidential information and comply with regulations

Protect Users

Keep unwanted mail out of the inbox without blocking legitimate messages

Reduce Cost

Lower investments in administration and infrastructure

Traditional protection is not enough

Conventional protection against
malicious links is limited.

Attackers use sophisticated techniques to evade blacklists, such as the use of shortened URLs, multiple redirects, hijacked URLs, and other smokescreen techniques.

Delivering Protection Through Link Following

Email Security.Cloud prevents malicious emails from making it into your inbox

Symantec Email uses Real-Time Link Following to track URLs to their final destination and analyze them in real-time to block emails containing malicious links.

Businesses Need
Proactive Defense

Unlike other solutions that rely on reactive blacklists, this technology uses deep link evaluation to proactively detect both known and unknown attacks.

Real-Time Link Following Benefits

Identifies between 10,000 – 11,000 new malicious URLs daily.

Responsible for blocking in excess of a billion malicious emails in 2015 which is double the amount of messages in blocked in 2014.
The increase in detection reflects the threat landscape and continuous enhancements to Link Following.

The bottom line is that no other security company offers the same combination of advanced technology, global resources, and proven expertise

With Symantec Email we’re pouring all of those advantages into a convenient and flexible cloud-based service you can count on—even in the face of new and evolving email security challenges.

Key Features:

  • Real-Time Link Following blocks malicious URLs in emails
  • Skeptic advanced heuristics stops new and emerging threats
  • Largest civilian threat intelligence network delivers global visibility
  • Industry-leading SLAs with 99% spam capture rate and <0.0003% false positives


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